Aug. 10, 2018

Play Me: A Standalone Romance (Spotlight Collection Book 1)

Play Me: A Standalone Romance (Spotlight Collection Book 1) by Cary Hart is a lovely story of finding love in the midst of discovery, courage, strength, and forgiveness.


Who will you be when no one is watching... when the lights go down?


I played because I loved it... it was in my blood.

Now I play because it's all I have left. And I'm about to chance it all for him.

When the lights go down, and I step off that stage, will he still want me? When he finds out who I really am, what I'm not?


Her voice drew me in, her heart is what makes me want to stay.

Part of me wants to take care of her, the other wants to break down her walls.

I'm not sure I'm ready to risk it all... chasing her down, when I'm struggling to hold on to the only thing I've ever known.

Ceej’s Review:

To be completely honest, I won Play Me in a giveaway and I had no idea what it was about or who the characters were when I started it.  Cary Hart is a new-to-me author. I’m glad I read this book blind because it made my experience so much better.  I had no preconceptions, no expectations beyond it being a good read.

Ellie…I really liked her though she’s not my usual preferred heroine.  I love reading about women who are brash and unapologetic.  But Ellie got me.  Her courage and dedication to herself was inspiring.  How many of us would risk everything she did for our dreams?  In a very small way, she reminded me of…well…myself, in that when good things happen, I tend to think that there’s a catch or it’s not real.  I enjoyed watching her blossom.  I also enjoyed her strength of self.

Lee…my heart hurt for him.  He had too much going on and too much baggage in his life when he met Ellie.  His reactions to things were direct results of that baggage and I believe it impacted what could have been and kept him from what he needed.  I enjoyed watching him grow.

Play Me will be a good re-read for me when I need to remember three things: that my dreams deserve the effort, that I need to focus on my happiness too, and to forgive myself as well as those I’ve let hold me back from a beautiful life.  The heat level isn’t as high as my usual fare, but the lessons within the book were more important, in my opinion.

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