Aug. 10, 2018

Liv (Signature Sweethearts)






It's a... DEBUT NOVEL!


Liv by Kelsie Rae








Liv had her life all figured out until it was shattered by the loss of her husband. He left her a piece of him she hadn’t planned on. How can she pick up the pieces when she doesn’t know how?

I never imagined my life would end up this way. I thought I had everything figured out until I got the call my husband was killed in a car accident and that my period was late.

Dead Husband?: Check
Positive Pregnancy Test?: Check
Screwed Beyond Belief?: Double Check

I was never supposed to see her again. That was the deal. Leave her and my ex-best friend behind to finally mend my broken heart and move on with life. And it was going smoothly, too. That is, until said ex-best friend dies and his wife, Liv, lets a secret slip at his funeral that I can’t possibly ignore.

Out of my freaking mind?: Check
Extremely Angry Girlfriend who will kill me when she finds out I have a new roommate?: Check
About to get my heart ripped in two?: Double Check

Ceej’s Review:

Liv is a sweet romance that brings some drama, some angst, laughter, joy, and sweet, sweet, love.  This novel reminds us that “what ifs” don’t do anything but hurt us, and that things happen for a reason, whether it is to teach us lessons or to forge ahead toward what we want and never hold back.

Liv…I felt so bad for her.  Burying her husband so soon AND discovering that she’s pregnant?  My heart ached for her.  Grief and the situation she found herself in seemed impossible to endure.  I gave her serious props for never giving up.

Luke…<sigh> there were so many times I wanted to shake him.  Now don’t get me wrong, I really liked him.  He earned a place in my heart when he offered and followed through on taking care of Liv.  But considering how long he held out on letting his feelings known?  Ugh.  I admit that it made me want to keep reading even more, just to see what happened when he finally did.

Liv is the perfect novel to read after a serious book hangover or just whenever.  The sweetness overtakes you and makes you appreciate how amazing the different facets of love are.  I will definitely have this one on my re-read list.  Congrats on your debut novel, Kelsie Rae!  I loved it!


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About Kelsie
Kelsie prides herself on writing straight from her own heart, which is how she fell into sweet contemporary romance. She's a sucker for a love story with all the feels. When she's not chasing words for her next book, you will probably find her reading or, more likely, playing with her "monsters".

She adores chocolate, photography, baking, chick flicks, and running. And now that she's actively pursuing her writing dreams, she's set her sights on someday finding the self-discipline to not eat an entire batch of cookies in one sitting.

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*Originally posted 4/17/18*