Aug. 10, 2018

Breezy (Signature Sweethearts)

Breezy by Kelsie Rae is a laugh out loud, sweet, sexy story that brings the storm!


Bree Jensen is a force to be reckoned with. She’s feisty, energetic, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s also a clumsy mess in need of a job.

When Derrick meets Bree, she isn’t just a breath of fresh air, she’s a freaking hurricane. However, even the gorgeous new girl in HR can’t make him break his one rule: No dating employees. Ever.

The only problem? Bree’s never been very good at following orders, and Derrick’s self-imposed no-fraternization policy is like waving a red flag in front of a very determined bull.

Will her unconventional tactics finally cause Derrick to toss his precious rulebook in the trash or will it cause an even larger rift between the two?

Ceej’s Review:

Breezy is such a sweet, hilarious, and sexy story that I couldn’t help but fall in love!!  From the very first paragraph, Kelsie Rae had me hooked.  I met Breezy in another book and I just had to know her story.

Breezy…her second nickname fit her so incredibly well!  To be honest, people like her normally annoy me.  However, Breezy made is someone that I want to hang out with.  She’s hilarious, packed with energy, sweet, beautiful, and daring.  Her antics were so funny I lost count of how many times I busted out a belly laugh in response!

Derrick…sigh…he made me want to join Breezy’s and Jude’s tactics.  I was constantly smirking at him and wondered when he’d give in!  I understand his worry, but he needed to pull that stick out of his butt!  Oh man, and there was that one moment that he broke my heart.

Breezy is a story full of grins, smirks, chuckles, belly laughs, sighs, a little bit of angst, and enough heat to make the wait worth it.  Thank you Kelsie Rae, Breezy just jumped ahead of hundreds of novels on my reread list!  I absolutely adore it!

Tracey’s Review:

I read this book in one sitting it was so good! This is my first book by Kelsie and she now has a fan for life. Bree and Derrick are my favorite kind of couple because when the chemistry is off the charts you know the love is going to be fantastic. He is sexy and off limits per his rules and she is a spitfire that won’t take no for an answer. I adore the banter in this book and the supporting characters help these two shine even more. I laughed out loud, I yelled at them, and I couldn’t wait for them to jump each other’s bones. This is a sweet and sexy story that gives a whole new meaning to the word hurricane.

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*Originally posted 6/7/18*