Jan. 11, 2019

Sophie (Signature Sweethearts) by Kelsie Rae ~ Ceej's Review

Sophie (Signature Sweethearts) by Kelsie Rae is a super sweet, funny, touching, beautiful story that deserves every heart-melting star possible!



I never wanted to see Nathan again. Ever.

One highly educational night with him in bed was all it took to hand over my v-card. Apparently, that was all it took to get him to move across the country without a backwards glance, too.

He’s back, sort of. Just not for me. Our best friends’ are getting married.

It’s one island weekend, but he’s a jerk, the best man, and the tormentor of my dreams.

How hard can it be?



I don’t do feelings. Ever.

One crazy hot night with Sophie was all it took to remind me why. She gets under my skin and makes me want things I definitely don’t need.

I’m here to be the best man to her maid-of-honor at a destination wedding in paradise.

Close proximity to all things Sophie just might push me over the edge.

It’s one weekend with the woman I can’t stop dreaming about no matter how hard I try.

What could go wrong?

Ceej’s Review:

Sophie is a super sweet, funny, touching, beautiful story that deserves every heart-melting star possible!  It is a story that I know that I will revisit when I need a reminder that love can be sweet and funny and can melt even the coldest heart! 

I love Sophie.  She reminded me of the sweetness of young love even when it seems to be with a man who doesn’t believe in it.  She reminded me of what it was like to be young and hopeful, even though she had that mature mind.  And her sense of humor had me chuckling!  Her antics made me think of an innocent younger sister that, yes, made me want to give her noogies.

Nathan…*sigh* from the start, I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist Sophie, no matter how hard he tried.  She’s irresistible!  I understand where he was coming from.  And his mistake early on?  I just wanted to smack him upside his head because the repercussions from that gave me the ache in my chest.  I still think he needs to make up for it even if things were better in the end.

Kelsie Rae, Sophie is now my favorite book of yours.  How are you going to top this one??  (And by the way, thank you for giving me the sweet reprieve I’ve been needing.)

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