Feb. 21, 2019

Fifty-Fifty: A Lover's Landing Novella

Fifty-Fifty: A Lover's Landing Novella by Kelsie Rae is sweet and endearing and southern charm and sass!




I need the money. Now. It's not my fault that the bed and breakfast my grandpa left me is a big fat failure. My only hope is to sell the place and cash in on what little it has to offer. The only problem? I have to convince her, my Grandpa Jay's pseudo-grandchild, that it's a good idea too. And she's even more stubborn than I am.


Nope. There ain't no way I'm gonna uproot my two-year-old daughter by sellin' the only home she's ever known for an entitled city boy unwillin' to give his granddaddy's bed and breakfast a chance of thrivin'. Jay, why did you have to partner me up with him? He's even more stubborn than I am!


Tracey’s Review:

Kelsie did not disappoint with this story and I think the cover is as awesome as the book. Fifty-Fifty has southern charm and sass like you wouldn’t believe, but it is also so sweet and endearing. I love when single parent stories come along and Kelsie nailed this one from beginning to end. Just wait until you meet Mac because your heart will explode with happiness and you will constantly smile.  Ms. Rae gives a whole new meaning to the flight or fight response and I adored every minute of it. Wanna find out why the coat and tree are so special? Then read this book. Kelsie Rae this is the perfect blend of thinking you know what you want out of life and chasing your dreams to landing right where you need to be.


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