Feb. 28, 2019

Fifty-Fifty: A Lover's Landing Novella



Fifty-Fifty: A Lover's Landing Novella by Kelsie Rae is the perfect example of how a fifty-fifty beginning turns into a one-hundred percent win!




I need the money. Now. It's not my fault that the bed and breakfast my grandpa left me is a big fat failure. My only hope is to sell the place and cash in on what little it has to offer. The only problem? I have to convince her, my Grandpa Jay's pseudo-grandchild, that it's a good idea too. And she's even more stubborn than I am.



Nope. There ain't no way I'm gonna uproot my two-year-old daughter by sellin' the only home she's ever known for an entitled city boy unwillin' to give his granddaddy's bed and breakfast a chance of thrivin'. Jay, why did you have to partner me up with him? He's even more stubborn than I am!


Ceej’s Review:

 Fifty-Fifty is yet another winner by Kelsie Rae!  Let me start with the cover.  Kelsie Rae is known for having gorgeous covers that are absolutely perfect for the magic she weaves within the pages.  I didn’t one-click this baby because of the cover, though.  I did that because she is one of my few automatic one-click authors.  I don’t need to read the blurb or see the cover. 

 When I read this blurb, it gave me the tiniest bit of a pause.  I’m not a country kind of girl, and Beau sounded all sorts of country.  The kind of country that would have gotten on my nerves and made me DNF a book, so I was counting on Kelsie to get me past that.  And she didn’t fail me!  I loved Beau!  I naturally loved Mac, and I even grew to love Noah!

Love isn't easy.  Love may even come at the most unexpected times and even from the most unexpected people.  Something I was reminded of by Beau and Noah.  Funny how their fifty-fifty beginning turned into a one-hundred percent win!

 Novella or full-length novel, Kelsie Rae makes me fall in love with love all over again.  She makes me, this tough and rough chick fall in love with love!  How she does it, I’ll never know, but I hope she never stops.


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