Aug. 10, 2018

Run (Lakefield Book 1)

Run (Lakefield Book 1) by Jennifer Vester is rollercoaster ride that you will love every minute of!


Oliva wouldn't say she was paranoid. Maybe she read a few too many books on true crime, but it was all in the name of solid research. She was comfortable and cautious after a tragic event in her past. It worked for her.

At least it had, until she met Aiden Latimer. He was tall, muscular and did that eyebrow arch thing like a pro. The billionaire spotted her, and her life has been anything but comfortable ever since.

​He was bossy and annoying. He even has a problem with her cussing. He's done his own research on her and she's convinced he even bugged her house.

​She wasn't prepared for her attraction to him, much less his ardent attention. Their worlds seemed so far apart that she was ready to end it on day one.

​But things never go quite like you plan with an alpha male type.

​Now, she's being bossed around by Aiden, trying not to get into trouble with her best friend and dealing with a psycho, stalker ex-boyfriend!

​The question is, when things finally do hit the fan, will she face her fears or run?

**Full-length standalone romance. 67,000+ words. No cheating, or cliffhangers with a Happily Ever After!

Tracey’s Review:

This was the first book for me by this author and will definitely not be my last. I was intrigued by Aiden and Olivia from the word go. Who was this bossy, sexy and controlling man? I wanted him to kiss me! Liv held her ground and didn’t take crap and I loved that about her. She learned from the hell she had been through. This book is suspenseful and sexy and hot. I loved the fierce and protective nature of Aiden and his friends. Aiden is my new book boyfriend and he call go all alpha as long as he’s mine! This book has drama,danger, passion and lots of love.  A rollercoaster ride that you will love every minute of!

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