Aug. 10, 2018

Hide (Lakefield Book 2)

Hide (Lakefield Book 2) by Jennifer Vester is raw, gritty, sexy, and full of intense drama and passion.


It was inevitable that Julia would run into Holden Saunders again. The one person she dreaded seeing and wanted to see the most.

He was still as gorgeous as the first time they had met. Muscular, tall, with his golden brown eyes that said more than what he spoke. They're opposites in so many ways. He was closed off, and so utterly irritating the last time she was around him. He was rude and bossy but the one man she had been dreaming about for the last year.

Now that she's back in Lakefield, Julia is getting to know the real Holden. He's resorting to blackmail, physical dominance and isn't listening to her protests. He's the one that tempts her with his vulgar mouth and makes her body sing like no other man.

She can't decide whether to punch him or kiss him. Maybe both.

They're up against stalkers, the media, and a lot of bizarre circumstances as she makes a decision about her music career.

But he's making his intent crystal clear: he’ll protect her, possess her, and make her beg.

Everyone hides something. Julia should know. She's been trying to hide from her past for the last year. But this troublesome, mischievous man, may not let her hide any longer.

**Full-length standalone romance. 70,000+ words. No cheating, or cliffhangers with a Happily Ever After! Suggested 18+.

Tracey’s Review:

Jennifer this story is raw, gritty, sexy, and full of intense drama and passion. I think Holden does have nine lives. He has this piercing gaze with that sexy growl that makes you want him. He only has eyes for Julia and will do anything to make her his own.

I want to hide so he will come find me. Or maybe I don’t I just want him to boss me around and hold me in his arms forever.

Julia lights a fire in him that rocks him to his core. When her life is in danger the beast comes alive in Holden. But who is really saving who? Don’t hide from this book or you will be missing out. Jennifer writes fantastic stories about over bearing alphas that you will fall in love with over and over again and Holden is no exception.

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*Originally posted 4/5/18*