Aug. 10, 2018

Break (Lakefield Book 3)

Break (Lakefield Book 3) by Jennifer Vester is raw and heartbreaking and suspenseful!


Everyone has their breaking point.

Kaitlyn has had a crush on Dr. Logan Matthews for months. His dark hair, blue eyes and fit body are just some of the reasons why he's the perfect guy.

The problem is he seems to want nothing to do with Kaitlyn. When they have bumped into each other, he's gruff, overbearing and he seems to cause the worst luck for her.

Until one day when everything seems to go unnaturally wrong in her life.

Now he's sending naughty pictures, playing with her, and acting more interested than ever. Although her friends find the encounters they've had funny and her best friend tells her to just have fun, there's something confusing about his attention.

He says they're just being friendly but they're moving into the "more than friendly" zone. Everything should be great. Right?

Things aren't always what people see on the surface. The greatest obstacles they face may be the ones that neither of them see coming.

**Full-length standalone romance. 67,000+ words. No cheating, or cliffhangers with a Happily Ever After!

Tracey’s Review:

Jennifer this book was raw and heartbreaking and suspenseful! Logan and Kate frustrated me so.

They were each fighting their own battles, but they had the best of intentions. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I loved their sexy flirting and wow, I won’t spoil it for your readers, but I need starberries, whip cream and a mirror pronto.

The twists and turns and the danger made my heart race. Jen, broke my heart and then put it back together. This story is gripping, intense and crazy good.

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*Originally posted 4/24/18*